Freitag, 16.11.2018

Legal Battle to define limits of EU Transparency

Action Needed!
On 19 August 2011, Access Info Europe filed its response to the Council of the European Union's appeal against the General Court's ruling that blanking out the names of the countries making legislative proposals is illegitimate.
The Council has now appealed to the European Court of Justice to overturn the 22 March 2011 decision. If the Council's challenge is successful, the reduced transparency could permit greater "policy laundering" by EU Member States of the 50% of national legislation which originates from Brussels.

Access Info is campaigning to stop Member States from supporting the Council's attempt to limit the public's right to access EU documents.
Greece and the UK have already sided with the Council. It is rumoured that other governments such as the Netherlands are also considering doing so.
We have less than two weeks to stop them!
Please support this campaign by:
  • Convincing your government not to join the legal battle against transparency;
  • Getting your government to defend of the General Court's ruling by intervening in support of Access Info Europe.
Access Info has prepared some draft letters for sending to the Greek and UK government, and to the other undecided governments. Feel free to modify them as you wish.
There is also another letter for sending to MEPs, since the European Parliament also has the right to join the Court Case and should act to defend the public's right to know.
Please Join the Campaign to Stop Your Government Fighting EU Transparency!
Click here for background information on the Court Case